Saturday, August 29, 2015

To Korah {With Love}

My Darling Korah,

I remember well the day I brought you home. I picked you up from the airport and cuddled you the whole way. You went under the couch twice that day, and Uncle Ben and I carefully pulled you out each time. The look on your face told me immediately that it was a game. You loved me instantly.

Once there was a time that you fell off the bed. I scooped you into my arms and for the rest of the day you stuck by me. You napped in my lap and cried when I left. I was there for you that day, and the day a year later when you tripped going up the stairs. You took a few steps before plopping down and sending up a huge cry to me. I picked you up and held you. Such a drama queen, but I loved it.

I got to take you on so many adventures with me. We went to an anime convention where you cosplayed. We went to lacrosse games. We went to Seattle, where you got to go to the top of the space needle and tour the Seahawks stadium. You went on a boat tour and a ferry ride. We went to Vancouver Canada where you got to see where Uncle Ben would be spending 2 years. We went to Arizona where you played with your Great-Grandma and we celebrated Christmas together. We went to Minnesota and on the way we saw Mt. Rushmore. I took you everywhere I could.

You were my constant companion. When I was feeling down, you cheered me up. When I was sick, you stayed with me to help me feel better. You could always tell when something was wrong. Once you brought me your toy and when I threw it, you brought it back, placed it in my hand and laid on it. You wanted me to have it. You wanted me to be happy.

When I met Jose, I brought him over to spend time with you. I wanted to see how you were with him, because you were particular about your people. It was wonderful to watch you bond with him and want to be with him.

You gave me some great memories. I will always remember giving you a bath, and holding you close after. How you would shake the water off once we were outside. How you would sit for me while I brushed you. I will always remember driving in the car with you. How excited you would get when I asked if you wanted to go for a ride. How you would stick your tongue out when the window was down. The little nose prints you always left behind. I will always remember your little face begging for food under the table. How you would stuff your chin between my legs and open your eyes wide. I will always remember the things you learned. You learned to dance. You learned to kiss. You learned to tell stories and sing. You learned to say “I love you”. I will always remember your sweet personality. How similar it was to mine. You always had to have the biggest stick. You hated being left alone. You wanted cuddles and hugs but on your terms. You never took crap from any other dogs. You took on a malamute in a race and won. You were determined to get what you wanted. You were determined to make me smile, and you always did.

I love you Korah. You were and always will be my first baby.


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