Thursday, August 20, 2015

August {16th to 19th}

This week has been so much fun! I just had to blog about it!

Sunday, August 16th

Jose and I drove down to Payson to visit the Belnap and Spence families. We always have so much fun when we are with them and I just love playing with Landon. Sadie used to be interested in playing with me, but now she is a huge Jose fan and prefers him if he will give her the attention, which he does. I love our monthly visits to Payson and am so grateful to have them in our lives.

Monday, August 17th

For Family Home Evening, Jose and I joined his sister Janni, Jared, Arianna and Alia for the evening. It was so sweet to be welcomed into their home and have the girls give me a quick tour of their rooms (freshly cleaned just for me)! I loved watching sweet Arianna give us a lesson on prayer and had each of us share an experience about when prayer helped us in our lives. Then cute Alia gave us a great presentation on what to do with your body when we pray. It was such a special evening with them and I am so grateful for the sweet nieces I got just over a month ago.

Tuesday, August 18th

Jose and I invited soon-to-be-newlyweds Paul and Ziti over for a late dinner. We got to visit with them and be excited for their upcoming wedding with them. They will be married on Friday! Jose welcomed Ziti to the family and let them know that we would always be there for them.

Wednesday, August 19th

Jose's brother and sister-in-law invited us to Lagoon! I have wanted to go all summer and especially since Cannibal opened. So I was very excited to go and to spend the day with Herlan, Monica and all their cute kiddos. We started off on Rattlesnake Rapids and all got soaked! So we spent the rest of the day drying out in the sun and on rides. It was so cute to see Amrita (age 3) get scared on the swinging boat, and even cuter when Kajol (7) insisted on going on all the rides with me. And we went on every ride she was tall enough for together- even Wicked. I thought for sure she would come off that ride scared as all get out and not want to go on any other roller coasters. But she was a champ. I made sure to watch her face during the up and down and she looked terrified. But the second we pulled back in to the station, she was all smiles. That girl has no fear.

We went on so many fun rides and had such a good time with all the kids. But the one ride I insisted on riding with Jose on was Cannibal. I started to get nervous in the line and then when we got on my heart was racing. As we went up the elevator I kept looking at Jose and telling him I was scared. Then we pulled out of the elevator and sat at the top, looking out to the valley. I couldn't even appreciate the view I was so scared. Then the ride took off and from then on it was so fun! I loved every second of the ride! It's mostly the anticipation of it that is scary because after going once I could have easily gone again no problem.

It was such a fun day to spend with Herlan, Monica and their kids. I am so grateful they invited us along. I must say it is really fun to be called Tia Heather.

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