Friday, July 3, 2015

Independence Day {Traditions}

Pretty much my favorite holiday is Independence Day. I love getting dressed up in red, white and blue, and going out to the various activities that happen this time of year. So of course, this year I got to take my fiancé to experience all the traditions I have come to love!

First off, Lehi Round-up week. This always falls the week before the fourth, so it's a perfect kickoff to the holiday. On Friday evening, we headed to main street for Lucky's snow cones, and found a nice spot on the grass to enjoy the kids parade. Then we headed to the rodeo grounds and picked up some burgers before the rodeo started. Lehi's rodeo has the BEST BURGERS EVER! Jose ate 4 because he liked them so much (and they aren't very big). We had a great time at the rodeo together and I loved sharing my favorite part of life in Lehi with Jose.

Another favorite part of this holiday for me is my neighborhood's annual block party. We spent a few hours the night before baking blue cupcakes to take. We enjoyed music, food, fireworks, and friends! My little niece came and, my goodness, that girl has a crush on Jose! She hugged him probably 20 times and kept telling him she loved him, and even asked for my seat so she could sit next to him! They were so cute playing together!

On the 4th, we plan to go enjoy the Thanksgiving Point fireworks, which is actually a new thing for me. I have gone only once before and it was a while ago. Normally I spend this week volunteering for Stadium of Fire and enjoying the show, but I decided it would probably be too much to do with the wedding coming next week.

So while we have enjoyed some old traditions, we are also thinking about all the new traditions we will be enjoying in our life together and with our future family.

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