Friday, July 17, 2015

First {Home Cooked} Dinner

Jose and I brought fresh salmon home from Pike Place on the plane. So of course, I was excited to cook some up for him and make our first home cooked dinner together special.

 I prepared the fish with some olive oil and salt, broiled for 6 minutes, and then pulled it out to put on the brown sugar. While I was trying to get it out of an under stove oven, I managed to burn my wrist and hand on the coil. OUCH! Initially it hurt, but I ran it under some cool water for a second and then finished preparing dinner.

Jose and I enjoyed a dinner of garlic roasted potatoes, roasted asparagus, brown sugared salmon, and Martinelli’s. Even though I cooked for him before, I was actually so nervous about this dinner because 1) it was our first meal as husband and wife and 2) Jose is very particular about his seafood. He had told me that he doesn’t eat a lot because he hasn’t found some that he actually really enjoys, that doesn’t taste like the ocean. But he gave my salmon 7.5 out of 10! I call that a win considering I’ve cooked salmon once before that night.

By the time we finished eating Jose noticed the burns on my hand and asked me what happened. I told him and we consulted our nurse Ilene for some advice. She recommended a few things and after some consideration and more advice, we went to the urgent care. They cleaned it out really good, put some ointment on it and sent us home with instructions to watch for infection and range of motion problems because of where it is on my hand.

It’s healing now, but I think I will always have a scar from our first home cooked dinner as a married couple... not a bad thing to have a reminder of I think.

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